Top Reasons We Will Hate the Google Glass




Issues with Google Glass

As the technology world prepares to begin its transition into the era of wearable technology, with smart watches and smart eye wear, it might change the way we live in ways we might not have expected it to.

Google Glass is probably going to be one of the hottest must-have gadgets when it launches this year. A hands-free gadget that ensures that you see what you need to see when you need to see it. But what are the possible reasons that the gadget will be remain in a geeks’ wish list and never a commercial success?

It looks Geek-y!

Yep, however you put a spin on it, I cannot imagine this thing on someone who loves the way they look. After the novelty of the device wears off, the device will be something that needs a social approval. And if you are in a fashion crowd, it is best that you keep your Google Glass safe inside. Google perhaps knows this will be one of the major hurdles it has to pass through and has partnered with Warby Parker, who is known for designer eyewear.

Privacy Concerns

One of the major features of the Google Glass will be to record, store and share moments of your life. Google wants the Glass to be an integral part of your life extending the ways you go about life and being plugged online all day.

If the dork-iness of the glass can be fixed by making it smaller and more comparable to the prescription glasses down the line, but that makes it even weirder. How do you know if your interaction with another person is being recorded? Can you comfortably ask him to remove the glasses when you want to talk something private?

Attention Deficiency

Remember the last time you were having a serious conversation with someone who kept checking his phone every 5 minutes? If that wasn’t annoying, now you will have someone like that looking at you, but is probably distracted with all the notifications on the glass from FaceBook notifications, emails, funny cat videos and the like. And I can already see moms across the country looking to add the Google Glass to the list of items banned in the dinner table!

New level of Creepiness

If you are annoyed about the fact that you do not have the complete attention of a Google Glass user, you should think about the next level. You never know if you are being recorded! This is like the “Person Of Interest” TV Series. If you ever did something stupid in a public space, you will never know if a Google Glass user recorded it and its on Youtube already!

Google has always strived to connect all its services in its product. Can you imagine being voice tagged, identified through facial recognition and the like by hundreds of users every day you step out of your door? And there will be no way that you can stop it. If you thought the car with cameras that Google had running across the streets picturing people doing all kinds of stuff was creepy enough, imagine what can happen with the Google Glass.

I am not some freaked out privacy activist and I love the promise of an eyewear which will keep me connected to the digital world at all times. If I had my way, I’d have a WiFi chip in my brain if it will let me query Google! But the experience of those who are around those who wear the glass is as important as the experience of someone wearing it.






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  1. Neethu Avatar

    Nope .. absolutely not in the wishlist … ! 🙂 you are not getting one of this! 😛

  2. jack Avatar

    Wonder why some people are writing such articles to get paid. and some people to promote it. Man its new, you didnt create one, never mind, even did not think/dream of it

    1. Anand Avatar

      I do not get the “paid” part of what you mention. Just my thoughts on my blog..take it or leave it 🙂

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