is 10 years old today




This website, came to life 10 years ago today.  It has been a exciting journey so far and the world has changed so much!

Reflecting on a few things from the top of my head that have changed drastically since I started on Geocities in 2000s –

  • Dial-up internet! (those long cables that ran from the bedroom to living room where the phone was and came out after 11pm? Remember?)
  • WordPress had just got into version 2. At 100,000 downloads and just 4% market share. They were called Weblogs? Web Authoring tools?
  • MSN and Yahoo! Messengers
  • Websites had guestbooks.
  • Flash animations on intro pages to websites and animations that followed the mouse pointer!

Much simpler digital advertising times when you just had to buy a bunch of pop-unders, CPM ads to get traffic and we sprayed the whole wall to hit a fly. By comparison, digital marketers today have the surgical precision tools to target the eyes of that same fly!

So here is a thank you to you, my reader and the “internet” for teaching me so much and helping me and many others in so many unforeseen ways. Thank you! Also, a special shout out to a good friend from the Netherlands – King Nomar! (yea, we just had “screen names” back then!).

If you have been a reader of this blog since long, and are reading this post today, please say ‘hi’ in the comments. I want to hear from you! #nostalgic

TheAnand a.k.a Anand Subramanian. 🙂





5 responses to “ is 10 years old today”

  1. Arun Basil Lal Avatar

    Hey man,

    Whats the King Nomar story?

    So its been 9 years since the first Blog camp Kerala. Feels like yesterday.

    1. Anand Subramanian Avatar

      Indeed. That was a good event, putting faces to their handles. 🙂 The blogcamp was in 2008 though.

  2. Ramon Avatar

    Hi Anand, I was just browsing the web and decided to go along some old blog friends. Long time ago someone called me that, haha!

    I appreciate the shoutout, thanks a lot! Good to see you still active online.
    Talk soon sometime on whatsapp or skype 🙂


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