Hey, do you know John – The VC Funded Common Man?


Hey, do you know John?

John buys his clothes from vastra, an online shopping site which sells his favorite set of jeans much cheaper than the shop in MG Road.

John recently purchased a cellphone, which he got at a thunder deal from a e-commerce site which sells everything from A to Z much cheaper than any retailer or e-commerce player.

John goes to the office in a cab that he books from the goer app. It is cheaper than the autowallah and way more comfortable than driving on his own. If the app tries to fleece more money during peak hours, he switches to gola, the other ride sharing app on his phone.

John then orders his lunch from the figgy app that delivers food to his office and get the same food cheaper than it would at the restaurant.

John then remembers that he has to order meds for his whole family. He pulls out his prescription and orders the medicines which would be delivered at his home at a minimum 25% discount.

As he wraps up the workday and packs up his bags to leave home, he gets the delivery alert of his grocery purchase from largebasket delivered cheaper than the smug sabjiwalla across the road from his house. That will show him!

Then he goes back home and browses the internet using his Readle, a device he purchased online at a cost that is comparable to a meal for two at a fine dining restaurant in the city.

So, who is John? He is the VC funded common man. Are you John by any chance?

*Names changed to protect VC funds from being squandered in the name of user acquisition costs (UAC)

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