The First birthday of ayruz web holdings


When I reached halfway writing this post, it almost sounded like a COO’s message to the company!!

This day last year saw the birth of ayruz web holdings with me and my partners Kenney Jacob and Sanil Subhash finalizing the partnership documents. Everything else since then was the ride of a lifetime! The firm quickly grew up into a team of hand-picked 12 super stars.

ayruz has successfully bootstrapped itself and is en route to launch WordZo over the next few days and re-launch our MetroGeo portals. Amvizone, our digital movie promotion division is close to a spin-off as a seperate entity and there are some 50 other projects in the pipeline in various market segments! The company now has two operational offices in Cochin and Trivandrum and is looking at opening shop in the United Kingdom soon.

In a nut-shell, I can pretty be proud to say that ayruz has done extremely well for its first year and the whole credit goes to the team who are self-motivated, talented and totally love what they do. Kudos!

For me, it has definitely been a journey of self-realization and change of who I was and currently am. I used to be an affliate marketer, an adsense publisher and did small time internet marketing for my own network.  But that meant that every waking moment of my life was in front of my 13.3 inch laptop. But over the  last year, I came to realize how much I love training people, orienting them into internet marketing and social media and doing things like finances, managing projects and the like. I also realized that I need to work a lot of on my sales and marketing skills, my sleep cycle and so forth! 🙂

If you are a part of a startup, let me know what your thoughts are about your company and link your company website in the comments section!

PS: ayruz is currently planning to hire rockstar web designers who love creating magic with web layouts and CMS designs. get in touch with me if you think you fit the bill 🙂

Thoughts? Questions?

3 responses to “The First birthday of ayruz web holdings”

  1. Arun Basil Lal Avatar

    Congratulations Dood. I thought you started off sometime in July, nice day to start off something. LOL

    Good luck the year ahead and for ever…

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  3. Anish K.S Avatar

    My hearty congrats to Team ” ayruz “.

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