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  • What Is Your Travel Philosophy?

    What Is Your Travel Philosophy?

    Arun Basil Lal’s travel philosophy on why he spends weeks in a location than visit every popular spot that the destination has to offer got me thinking about unique travel styles we all have. He rightly quotes – Travel as slow as possible This is something I completely agree with. I remember listening to one […]

  • Cell Phone Charger for Motorcycles – Ideaforge ROVER Review

    Before I left for the amazing ride to Leh, Ladakh last month, I was looking for ways to keep myself connected while on the move. My trusty Nokia E5 has a amazing battery compared to smartphones in the market today, but when I use the GPS frequently, the power drains a lot quicker. I found […]

  • Ride to Leh, Ladakh – A vacation

    And finally its official. I have decided to take up the challenge of riding to Leh, Ladakh. The ride to the Himalayas is something which every biker dreams of and it is definitely a entry my must-do-activity-list. I did not expect to ride this year, but as everything came together, I will be able to […]