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  • How much should you charge as a freelancer?

    How much should you charge as a freelancer?

    Introduction In the “new normal” we are in, freelancing and contracting seem to have taken off really well with companies looking for top class talent without all the overhead costs of a full time employee. In the past month, I have been asked more than once about how one should price their services. Usually it […]

  • Adsense Placement Tips – Less for More Concept

    I am a big fan of testing ad units, primarily because it lets me find the best placements for a website. I think everyone looking forward to put in adunits to make money online in their sites should do it once the sites reaches 500+ visitors a day. You should have seen this Google adsense […]

  • Do you run a Business or a Job?

    I ask myself this question every once in a while. I remember overhearing in deep sleep in some audiobook  – “Any that requires you to work from morning to evening is not a business, but it is a job.” I am a great fan of this phrase. It is common sense yet when you think […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Websites

    Why Massive Scaled up Niche Websites? What is the Strategy, boss? I currently many of them that I dnt even remember how many, I get this question like everyday. Every other person I meet usually decides to start with one massive site with everything from Apples to Zebras, and I quitely smile to myself […]

  • Build a Niche Blog for Adsense Revenue

    Today a friend of mine Nomar pinged me up on chat and challenged me to do a competition to create a low mantainance niche blog on a topic and make money off it with adsense. Though I see some good money with affiliates, adsense has been my favourite way of earning. It is low work, […]

  • 5 Reasons Your Adsense Site Makes Nothing

    When I was starting my money online ventures almost 3 years(woo, the anniversary is comin up!) back I had adsense on my personal site in geocities and stuck up adsense chunks on all the three pages of my site and was waiting for revenue to roll in. But then, if you have had your hands […]

  • Adsense for Feedburner is Active

    Last month Google opened up their adsense for feeds for the public and I had tried to add my feeds, but I had to move all my feeds from feedburner to google feedburner. I had requested for the switch and forgot about it. Yesterday I got their mail about the confirmation of the transfer of […]

  • Six Surefire Tips for Success and Money Online/Offline

    You never get rich working for someone else. A typical day jobbers’ life goes something like this Wake Up Go to Work Pay Bills GOTO Step 1 A very few do save a lot of money only to spend it in an emergency. So a lot of people, particularly youngsters want to make money online […]

  • How To Make Money Blogging?

    I am some sort of a pioneer in making money online my friends circle. Initially I used to persuade my friends to make money online, but these days I am persuading them to start blogging. So far I have succeeded in converting one to blogging religion but he is not actually blogging for the right […]