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  • Facebook, Twitter launch new ad transparency tool…

    Facebook, Twitter launch new ad transparency tool…

    ….and digital marketers all over the world rub their palms together in anticipation! Thanks to recent push by US lawmakers towards transparency on social media. We now have transparency tools from Twitter and Facebook to view the ads that are run by different accounts. On Facebook, each page will have a section called “info and […]

  • Hiring a Digital Marketer? Look for the T

    Hiring a Digital Marketer? Look for the T

    Looking for a digital marketing specialist, must know – SEO SEM Social Media Blogging E-mail Marketing Affiliate Marketing Mobile Advertising Conversion Optimization Media Buying Lead Nurturing Content Marketing Growth Hacking Gardening, Plumbing, Dog Walking and Candidates with ability to perform open heart surgery during coffee break will be an added plus! If you are a […]

  • How to survive in a Post-Google World

    The recent reshuffle of the Google results has severely affected one of my most active websites with traffic falling more than 80%. It was one of my biggest single earners in terms of money and loosing revenue from it is a big time bad news for me. After almost 3+ years of solid rankings and […]

  • Conversion Optimization: Are you losing out?

    This is not breaking news. It is not new and it has definitely been talked about across the internet.But internet marketing consultants I come across rarely do this for their clients. What is conversion optimization? Its a fairly straight forward deal. Optimize your website for conversions! Want your visitors to signup to your newsletter? Want […]

  • Internet 2009 in numbers

    What happened with the Internet in 2009? Even though I suck at my math paper in college, I love numbers! I got this newsletter today morning and found an exciting coverage of Internet 2009 in numbers. Here goes! Email 90 trillion – The number of emails sent on the Internet in 2009. 247 billion – […]

  • Who is a Internet Marketer?

    You know how arranged weddings in India are, the whole family resume is important when you are getting married! My brother for whom a bride is being searched at the moment has put my professional life in the spotlight. What do you do? I am an Internet Marketing Consultant. Usually the conversation thread stops right […]

  • Applications of Social Media

    If you are still skeptic of Social Media, you need to do something about it! I am sold on the idea that Social Media is mainstream and there are probably a hundred reasons why I think so starting from Micheal Jackson and backwards. This video from YouTube tells you more about why Social Media is […]

  • Lets’ Learn from SPAM!

    I recently put out a tweet about how your blog is in the right track if you get more spammy comments. From what I see, you are seen by the bots, which means search engines and other kinds of bots should see you too. Its a good thing though not many followers agreed with me! […]

  • Social Media and Recommendation Marketing

    “Recommendation Marketing” is a buzzword that has been on my mind for sometime now. I don’t really remember where I got it from but it makes so much sense in terms of ROI in Social Media. Check this sample search on Twitter: If you do a custom search based on your product/service, you will most […]

  • Social Media and ROI

    If you are a Social Media Consultant in a country like mine, you would have probably heard this one a lot. What is the ROI I can expect from this campaign? Will having a Facebook community help my business? This post is in a lot of ways the expression of my inner feelings to my […]