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  • Levels of Self Learning

    Levels of Self Learning

    If a 12 yr old can see more in 15 minutes than the richest king from 19th century could have in his lifetime. What else can he access? Today you can learn from the professors at MIT or from practitioners on YouTube or even from a reel or a tiktok. We are at the bleeding […]

  • Our Mental Narratives

    Our Mental Narratives

    Since the beginning of this year I’ve been asking myself “Why nooot?” In the shrill tone of a child whenever I catch myself limiting myself into my perception of who I am. Someone at a party: We need volunteers to come up on stageBrain: NopeAware Brain: Why noooot? It sounds like fun and the first […]

  • Hey, do you know John – The VC Funded Common Man?

    Hey, do you know John – The VC Funded Common Man?

    Hey, do you know John? John buys his clothes from vastra, an online shopping site which sells his favorite set of jeans much cheaper than the shop in MG Road. John recently purchased a cellphone, which he got at a thunder deal from a e-commerce site which sells everything from A to Z much cheaper […]

  • is 10 years old today is 10 years old today

    This website, came to life 10 years ago today.  It has been a exciting journey so far and the world has changed so much! Reflecting on a few things from the top of my head that have changed drastically since I started on Geocities in 2000s – Dial-up internet! (those long cables that ran […]

  • #ssKochi – Speaking at HeadStart Startup Saturday Kochi

    #ssKochi – Speaking at HeadStart Startup Saturday Kochi

    On Saturday, I had the opportunity to speak at HeadStart organized event – Startup Saturday. I was invited  to participate on the panel discussion on “Digital Marketing” by Mittu Tigi from Zhooyi Communications. It was one of the first “unconferences” I attended in a long time and was looking forward to learn and share with […]

  • Kochi Metro – Another White Elephant in the Making

    Kochi Metro – Another White Elephant in the Making

    Just came across the revamped website of KochiMetro rail and noticed the below image  – Who is the Kochi Metro targeted at? Those who currently travel to work by private bus? You expect a salaried workforce currently spending around Rs. 5 per 2.5 Kms to move to Rs. 15 /km? Those who take the car […]

  • Top Reasons We Will Hate the Google Glass

    Top Reasons We Will Hate the Google Glass

    As the technology world prepares to begin its transition into the era of wearable technology, with smart watches and smart eye wear, it might change the way we live in ways we might not have expected it to. Google Glass is probably going to be one of the hottest must-have gadgets when it launches this […]

  • BarCampKerala 10 on May 8th 2011 at Cochin

    UPDATE: The BarCampKerala date has been moved to May 15th in the same Location. BarCampKerala, the must go to event for techies in Kerala is back with the 10th edition of the event. The event is scheduled to be conducted on the 8th of May, 2011 at the SCMS Business School in Kalamasherry, Cochin. BarCampKerala? […]

  • Thoughts: Is China Paranoid or Smart?

    My dad is a huge fan of the stock market. He spends time studying the market, trading and watching the ticker on for hours. It was last week I heard about the youku Initial Public Offering(IPO) listing in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with a valuation of $5 Billion giving it a worth which […]

  • Tata Nano sells just 506 cars in November 2010

    When Tata Nano was introduced at the Auto Expo in 2008, it immediately became the rock star of the global automotive community sparking debates about the increased congestion in the roads across the world and supporters cheered on how it will help thousands of Indians to fulfil their dreams of owning a car. Everyone predicted […]