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  • So, I built an no-code app in 96 hours and then shut it down after 8 weeks!

    So, I built an no-code app in 96 hours and then shut it down after 8 weeks!

    Last year, I was exploring no-code tools and I got obsessed with, one of the more flexible no-code app development platforms out there. I tried building basic database apps like an address book on Bubble and it was easier than wrestling with WordPress or customising a script purchased online. It was a steep learning […]

  • Having Fun as an Interviewer

    Having Fun as an Interviewer

    When going through resumes and calling up candidates gets tiring, this is how you can have some fun šŸ˜‰ Me: Hello, am I speaking to Mr NAME? NAME: Yes, NAME speaking. Me: Hi, I had received your resume for the position of XYZ at ayruz web holdings. Are you currently working? NAME: No, I was […]

  • WordZo Launch on 15th November 2011

    After almost three years of development, iterationĀ  and reiteration, our earnest efforts on making English language easier – WordZo, is ready for launch. WordZo is a language enhancement application which uses the normal reading process along with assisted tools for accelerated learning. This tool is aimed at students who are looking to enrich their vocabulary […]

  • 5 Essential Finance Sites for the Online Entrepreneur

    When you are an entrepreneur, you rely on yourself to get the job done but you also rely on others for good advice. You cannot always get to the phone to call your business associates and the financial advice you need is not always on television. That is why it is good to know the […]

  • One Trait of a Successful Entrepreneur

    A question on LinkedIn Group Young Indian Entrepreneurs asks: If you were to pick one trait of a successful entrepreneur what would it be? What is the most essential quality one should have to be an entrepreneur. Passion, Self confidence, Risk taking ability, Visonary etc. etc. But if you have to pick up one trait […]

  • The First birthday of ayruz web holdings

    When I reached halfway writing this post, it almost sounded like a COO’s message to the company!! This day last year saw the birth of ayruz web holdings with me and my partners Kenney Jacob and Sanil Subhash finalizing the partnership documents. Everything else since then was the ride of a lifetime! The firm quickly […]

  • What I learnt from Rocket Singh: Review

    Initial Synopsis: Harpreet Singh is a B.Com graduate who wanted to make it big in sales. He wants to become a salesman so badly and joins AYS Computers. Things start to screw up when the honest Harpreet Singh refuses to give up his ethics to close a deal. And finally he finds out that his […]