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  • Websites Are Dead!

    No one is going to a website anymore, everything will come into your personalized social media feed! No one is going to a website anymore, everyone will just use the app! No one is going to a website anymore, everyone will just ask their voice assistant! No one is going to a website anymore, PWAs […]

  • Tips For Diversifying a Blog That Has Gone Stale

    All bloggers have the sense, at some point or another, that their blog has begun to grow tired or stale. They struggle to post new content and feel uninspired by the content that they get. Moreover, their fears are legitimized by dropping comment levels and a decrease in visitors to the site. What to do? […]

  • 10 Tips to Organize Your Blog For Readers

    Having a well-organized blog can make a huge difference in the ability of your readers to navigate your site quickly and efficiently. Moreover, there are few who will likely disagree that keeping your readers happy is one of the best ways to keep them coming back to your blog. If you’re looking for some ideas […]

  • Copywriting For the Web

    Internet copywriting is different from traditional copywriting for many reasons. I recently remembered a highlight about my trip to Manipal University where I was able to interact with Mr. Raviraj, who is a Journalism professor there. It was interesting to know from him that he is trying to train his students on writing for the […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Diversify Your Websites

    Why Massive Scaled up Niche Websites? What is the Strategy, boss? I currently many of them that I dnt even remember how many, I get this question like everyday. Every other person I meet usually decides to start with one massive site with everything from Apples to Zebras, and I quitely smile to myself […]

  • How To Write an Article in 15 Minutes

    So, how do I do it?For one, I am always mentally prepared to write content for my blogs as I know my niches well and I get ideas for posts mostly in the shower or in a place where I have no internet access. I use my mobile to jot in content ideas and sync […]

  • Should You Blog?

    After the first 60 minutes of meeting anyone up, I would ask them to blog. I keep meeting up a whole diverse set of people including Martial Arts teachers, working professionals and college students. Everyone asks “Why should I blog?“. Even if you are a nobody today online or offline, you have to get your […]

  • Planning Your Milestones Right

    Its very important to have your blogging milestones set before you start off blogging – thats what theory says. Unfortunately, I or anyone is rarely guided by people while starting off. After about 3 years of Blogging (4 years, If manually updating html pages everyday can be considered blogging) 😉 , here is what I […]

  • Blogswara – Impressive Independent Music!

    Its a creative world outside!!! I know Joseph Thomas as a blogger and met him through the BlogCamp Kerala in August. What really caught my attention was a recent newspaper article about him in a national newspaper. He is the founder of Blogswara, which is a interesting mix of audio-blogging. What is blogswara? Blogswara is […]

  • What Do You Want Your Readers To Do?

    Recently I had a chance to check up on my friends blog to edit his theme a bit. I was taken aback with this bloggers design. He has two different plugins for social bookmarking, his each post had some 7-10 tags, 2 sets of related posts and a rss subscription options and luckily no ads. […]