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  • 5.2 lakh SMSes in a month!

    5.2 lakhs or half a million is the number of SMSes sent by a Indian on his quest to enter into the Guinness Books. Sounds crazy? It sure did to me! That is some way to spend a whole month. The guy – Deepak Sharma. The Operator – Airtel. The Phone – Nokia 6600. It […]

  • How to Access Orkut from mobile?

    Few days ago, I was kind of disappointed when I found that Orkut is not accessible on my mobile phone. The problem is the same with rediffmail too. They use javascript which the Opera Mobile and the built-in browsers are not able to decipher. Recently, I found this link which allows you to access your […]

  • Invite yourself to Yahoo! Beta

    If you have not got into the new Yahoo! Mail Beta yet, now is the best time to do it. It is a very hip and rocking mail client, very different from anything provided by anyone. Here is a cool tip to get your self into the new beta with a little bit of hacking.;-)This […]

  • Must Have Plugins for Firefox:2006

    As we near the end of another year in the 21st Century, I thought it is the right time to publish a set of must have plugins for the best browser ever – Firefox. 1. Adblock: This essential plug-in helps in blocking unwanted advertisments from displaying in the web pages you visit.You can use filters […]

  • Paid Surveys – Easy Money, Well, almost!

    Believe it or not. There are companies out there who are willing to pay you, to know what you think about their products/services which range from video games to painkillers. Answering surveys can be a fun way to earn some extra cash. Most surveys are short and last about 20-25 minutes for which the payout […]

  • True money making opportunities

    There are many ways to make cash from the internet. Here are some really fun and easy ways to make money on the net which require little or rather no effort from your side. 1. Make money through online paid surveys: This the easiest and fun part of making money online. The concept is pretty […]

  • The Agloco Update – Make Money Online

    This is a update to my previous post titled – “Here’s your chance to Own The Internet” where I first wrote about this new trend of economic networks. They have updated on their official blog that the Viewbar will be available for download in 7 to 10 weeks time. That gives us sometime to build […]

  • FAQ on making money online

    Ever since I expressed about my desire to earn money on the net, I got a lot of responses and questions from my friends and mates about this. I thought of putting them up here and answering them like a FAQ so as to let others to know more about this whole idea of making […]

  • Why This Blog?

    Starting from January I am planning to quit my day job as a Retention Officer in Telecom #1 – Airtel. Reason for quitting? I am planning to continue my studies full time. That brings me another worry; will I have to downgrade my lifestyle? Will I have to depend on my family? I am determined […]

  • Your chance to Own the Internet

    My ideology is simple; you should be rewarded for your efforts, how much ever big or small. Look around the World Wide Web, one either has to own and MAINTAIN a community with a large number of users or have plenty to original content to attract internet users to earn and generate a decent income […]

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