Oceo Water Review: A Water Purification as a Service Startup in Bengaluru!

TLDR: Bought an IoT-based water purifier from OCEO that has a unique pay-as-you-consume business model and liked the experience. Water purifiers or RO purifiers are a must-have in metro cities like Bengaluru where water comes from questionable sources. I was recently looking to purchase an RO purifier for my home and it was an interesting… (Continue reading »)

Last Words…

This post is in the memory of my father V. Srinivasan who passed away on May 10th 2017. Last words: “Idu heart attack aakum, nyan thirumbi vera maatein, The End.” (This is a heart attack, I will not come back. The End.)

Hiring a Digital Marketer? Look for the T

Looking for a digital marketing specialist, must know – SEO SEM Social Media Blogging E-mail Marketing Affiliate Marketing Mobile Advertising Conversion Optimization Media Buying Lead Nurturing Content Marketing Growth Hacking Gardening, Plumbing, Dog Walking and Candidates with ability to perform open heart surgery during coffee break will be an added plus! If you are a… (Continue reading »)