In the late 90’s when Google was only launching and Yahoo still at its helm, TheAnand‘s dad first introduced him to the computer, mostly playing games like Dave and Wolf like every other kid of his age. T’was Cool!

In the beginning of the 2000’s, I was introduced to a highly addictive thing called the Internet which quickly became my second home. Anand was furiously designing away uselessly entertaining websites at for fun and coolness, while all other 13 year olds were busy with more real world stuff like Cricket or WWF.

In December 2005. Anand’s new home was up called The site, built on abundance of firework GIFs, HTML and <MARQUEE> tags published information on my adventures online and had my own design malfunctions.

Weeks into 2006, I realized that blogging on a HTML site meant a lot of work. Each edit needed a FTP upload and each blog post took hours to format, link and update. This took me on to choosing WordPress which was the latest shiny thing in CMS. Using WordPress, I was able to branch out into building websites and monetizing them using Adsense, Affiliates and info products.

In Feb 2008, I attended the 2nd edition of BarCampKerala, an unconference of the coolest tech nerds of the state. I met my business partner there and we founded Ayruz Web Holdings together to help businesses leverage the internet as a sales and marketing medium.

After a 4  year journey which had the highs and lows of any bootstrapped startup, in May 2013, I quit my role as Chief Operating Office at ayruz web holdings returned to freelancing on SEO, WordPress development and niche marketing.

In 2014, I joined Fingent to setup the digital marketing function with the mandate to discover, scale and explore digital marketing. This was my first full time job and am constantly learning and eternally grateful! Leadership skills, hiring, client communication, project management, consulting and solutioning were all new to me coming from a background of cash starved startups.

I currently lead all things Demand Generation at Entropik – An AI powered Market Research Company.

Offline, I am Anand Subramanian, ex-entrepreneur who loves riding motorcycle and has a ever changing side project.

Apparently internet has turned the human mind to have an attention span of a gold fish, so I am surprised you are still reading this! So, either you are genuinely interested OR a stalker OR a hacker looking for material for your social engineering hack on me!

Hit me up on the contact page or read my blog. Thanks for checking me out!

Anand Subramanian AKA TheAnand